Propforce Application FAQ’s

Q: How I can download mobile application?

A: The application “Propforce” can be downloaded from App Store for Apple users & from Google Play Store for Android Users.

Q: What is this application for?

A: This application has been solely made for our affiliate’s feasibility. So that they can easily log on and keep a track of their activity, transparency of actions and ease of business.

Q: How to login?

A: After downloading the application an affiliate will register on it. After completing registration process affiliate will be able to login successfully.

Q: What is the feed Tab for?

A: It represents the most recent activity of the Affiliate along with the older activities.

Q: Profile Build-up?

A: The necessary details required in the making of an affiliates profile are Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, CNIC, Home address and an optional detail of providing a NTN Number is there.

Q: How to add a lead/Client in the application?

A: You go to the Leads tab and then press the “Add Lead” Button. Which then furthermore takes you to the “Add Lead” page. You can then make another Lead for the existing client of make a New Client by adding his details in the required fields. The same can be carried out in the “Clients” tab. Where you can make a new client.

Q: What comes under the Project Tab?

A: When you open up the Project Tab, it leads you to two tabs. One “Primary” where all the Projects of Zameen are enlisted along with heir earning potential, Service Fee Structure and Price Range. If you want to explore a project, simply click on it and the information on it will come forth. You can reserve a unit too with a token amount. Second of, in the “Property Bank” tab there are re-sale properties listed. If you are of the interest, feel free to buy.

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