How it all started?

This journey began with the intent to create a single platform for real estate enthusiasts, enabling them to navigate unexplored investment avenues and get equal access to the lucrative property market. Backed by billions of rupees worth of prime real estate inventory, exclusive market insights and sizable resource pool, introduced the Zameen Affiliate Network in 2018.
The response to Zameen Affiliate Network has been extremely encouraging and the initiative, to this day, remains the top choice for property agents to earn attractive service fee on real estate projects located across the country.
Further, as part of our ongoing efforts to give our registered Affiliates the tools they need, we have introduced the Propforce Affiliates App. This utility is designed to bring convenience to both new and existing Affiliates in addition to streamlining property transactions.

Who are we?

The Propforce Affiliates App is a simple, online unified interface designed to accept and record project inventory revenue prospects and sales. For both new and existing Affiliates, this initiative comes with a number of benefits, including the chance to score some lucrative service fee on highly sought-after real estate projects located across Pakistan., Pakistan’s first and largest property portal, holds the exclusive marketing and sales rights for these projects - and through our Propforce initiative - we have extended this inventory to sales agencies and individual realtors, giving them equal opportunity to access the market.
Moreover, we are committed to maintaining compliance with all due diligence requirements. In pursuance of this commitment, we scrutinize each project for potential risks prior to on-boarding.

Our Vision

In pursuance of our mission to maintain transparency, innovation and integrity, we have empowered our Affiliates to work at their own pace and be their own boss – with our resources acting as their mainstay.
Every initiative introduced by the Zameen Affiliate Network stays true to the values cherished at, and we have left no stone unturned in giving both existing and potential Affiliates the best possible experience.